アメリカの公民権運動の指導者マーティン・ルーサー・キングJr.牧師を描くミュージカル"THE SELMA"のサウンドトラックアルバム。映画化もされており、2015年にも新作が作られています。

正確にはサントラではなく"ORIGINAL CAST ALBUM"ですが便宜上"O.S.T."と表記。


"METHODMAN/UH HUH"ネタのファンキーソウル"Flashbacks Nigger Woman"(A-5)、これまたサンプリングされてそうな同系曲" I've Been Up To The Mountain Top"(A-3)収録。


LISTEN♪ →Flashbacks Nigger Woman
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LISTEN♪ → I've Been Up To The Mountain Top
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レーベル: Cotillion (SD 2-110)
Made In : US (1976)
Format : 2 LP
Condition : EX


Side One
1. Overture - Brother Theme
2a. Overture - Working In The Name Of King
2b. Overture - Nature's Child
3. (Opening) Garbage Including
  I've Been Up To The Mountain Top
4.Martin, Martin
5. Flashbacks Nigger Woman
6. Precious Memories
7. The Time Is Now
8. Wash Your Sins Away
9. Medley: Pulling Together / We Don't Stand A Chance

Side Two
1. Medley Cont.: Are You Ready
2. Brother Theme
3. You're My Love
4. Freedom, Liberation
5. Jesus Christ
6. Medley: We'll Stand By You / I Am Worried
7. Bigot Entrance
8. Lie, Lie, Lie
9a. Pick Up Your Weapon
9b. Brother Theme

Side Three
1. Court Room
2. I Can Feel Him
3a. Medley: Klansmen
3b. Sensitive Situation
3c. We Will Move
4. Prison Song
5. Higher
6. Hallelujah Day
7. I Hate Colored People

Side Four
1. I Have A Dream
2. Children Of Love
3. Brother
4. Burn
5. When Will It End
6. Listen To Me Jesus
7a. Selma (March): Part I
7b. Selma (March): Part II
7c. Selma (March): Part III

5. Flashbacks Nigger Woman

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