Norman Whitfield - Car Wash (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Label - No. : MCA Records - MCA2-6000
Made In : US (1976)
Format : 2 LP
Condition : EX

Side One
1. Car Wash
2. 6 O'Clock DJ (Let's Rock)
3. I Wanna Get Next To You
4. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
5. Zig Zag
Side Two
1. You're On My Mind
2. Mid Day DJ Theme
3. Born To Love You
4. Daddy Rich
5. Richard Pryor Dialogue
Side Three
1. You Gotta Believe
2. I'm Going Down
3. Yo Yo
4. Sunrise
Side Four
1. Righteous Rhythm
2. Water
3. Crying
4. Doin' What Comes Naturally It End
5. Keep On Keepin' OnI



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